ryan higgins




Husband of Kirsten, and co-owner of Infinity, I also have been a practicing psychotherapist since 2006. I have been practicing yoga for about just as long. Kirsten and I have had the goal of opening a therapeutic yoga studio that integrates the healing practices of yoga and meditation with the influence of a mental health perspective for some time, and the vision, which is Infinity, came to fruition in October 2017.

While working in many areas of mental health, I have come up against some of the limitations of talk therapy. Emotions manifest physically, and even a well crafted articulation of experience does not always create an internal shift. At times, talking can keep us in our head while we stay stuck and disconnected from the more visceral embodiment of our emotional world.  Integrating the body and learning to be present with your experience while practicing acceptance are all important components to a healing journey.


I am a practicing yogi, but not a yoga teacher, and Infinity does not offer traditional mental health services. My influence in Infinity is the opportunity to work collaboratively with my wife, Kirsten, in creating a yoga studio with a therapeutic focus. Additionally, I have been a co-owner of a psychotherapy practice in the Chicago Loop since 2010. A large percentage of my focus and involvement with Infinity is with business operations.

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Ryan is a practicing psychotherapist and has been providing mental health services in hospitals, community mental health centers, and private practice to a variety of populations since 2006. Ryan’s current therapeutic focus is the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders as well as PTSD. Ryan is also a co-founder of a group psychotherapy practice that has been serving the Chicago community since 2010.

Ryan completed his graduate work at Benedictine University earning a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology. He has also completed additional training at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago earning certificates in Art Therapy and Advanced Psychodynamic Clinical Practice.