Yoga therapy utilizes the ancient wisdom of yoga to improve health - physically, mentally or emotionally. Visit our Yoga Therapy page for an in depth guide to yoga therapy, the benefits, history and more. The Yoga Therapist uses yogic tools to guide you on your own journey of uncovering the power and inner wisdom that resides within you.


Before having a 1:1 yoga therapy session or before the first session in a therapeutic group, such as the Overcome Anxiety Clinic, you will fill out a confidential questionnaire so that the Yoga Therapist has an overview of your health history, past yoga experience, goals, challenges, lifestyle, etc. The yogic tools that are chosen for you in your session depend on your needs.

In a private session, there is always some form of a “check in,” (which may include a body scan meditation) in which you are able to observe the body and mind in the present moment. Your needs that day determine the flow of the session. Yoga therapy sessions look very different from one client to another. The Yoga Therapists supports you in your unique journey of healing. 

Depending on your specific goals and needs, yoga therapy sessions can include any of these tools:

  • Yoga posture (asana)

  • Breath control (pranayama)

  • Meditation & mindfulness techniques

  • Functional strength training 

  • Stretch assists and range of motion exercises

  • Posture awareness 

  • Somatic movement (slow, meditative movement that trains the body to move in a more functional way)

  • Journaling or self-reflection exercises

  • Yoga philosophy

  • Mantra or affirmation

  • Assistance in creating a home yoga practice 

  • Awareness of holistic nutrition 

  • Vinyasa yoga (movement with breath)

  • Yin or Restorative Yoga (longer holds and deeper stretches)

  • Reiki (a Japanese energy healing technique)

PRICING for 75-minute sessions

  • New Client Special: 2 FOR $160 / BUY NOW

  • Individual Session: $110 / BUY NOW

  • 3 Session Package: $300 ($30 Savings) / BUY NOW

  • 5 Session Package: $475 ($75 Savings) / BUY NOW

  • 10 Session Package: $900 ($200 Savings - BEST VALUE!) / BUY NOW

PRICING for 50-minute sessions*

  • Individual Session: $75 / BUY NOW

  • 3 Session Package: $188 ($37 Savings) / BUY NOW

  • 5 Session Package: $297 ($78 Savings) / BUY NOW

  • 10 Session Package: $561 ($189 Savings - BEST VALUE!) / BUY NOW

*50 Minute Sessions: All new clients must have at least one full 75-minute session first. After your initial 1 or 2 sessions, you may be eligible for 50-minute yoga therapy sessions.*

This is ideal for clients that are committed to coming regularly, are on time for their sessions, and are willing to “do the work” once they step off their yoga mat. Clients must have had at least one 75-minute session first.  

Note on Pricing: If full payment for private yoga therapy is not possible, adjusted rates may be arranged  for clients that are in need. This is subject to availability and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact Kirsten for more details. 

If you are interested in therapeutic yoga with a friend, partner, or small group. Or, if you are Interested in therapeutic yoga in your workplace.

Contact Kirsten directly for details. We will create an affordable package to fit your specific needs.



You may arrive right on time for your private session; there is no need to arrive early. If you do arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled time, the door to the studio may not be open yet--in this case, please wait outside until the door is open. If the door is closed, a group class or private yoga therapy may still be in session, so waiting quietly outside is appreciated. 

When you enter the studio, it is customary to remove shoes at the door. There are cubbies for shoes and other belongings, and hangers for coats or clothing. 

What to Bring/Wear

There is a changing room located within the studio, and a restroom down the hallway (but no access to a shower).  Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement. It is recommended to practice yoga with bare feet or toe socks with grips on the bottom. You will be required to take your shoes off once you enter the studio.

You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you own one, but we have mats that you can use free of charge. We are also fully stocked with other yoga props (straps, blocks, blankets, bolsters).

Create a new account or Login to your MindBody account and search for Infinity

Create a new account or Login to your MindBody account and search for Infinity


Scheduling is done directly with the yoga therapist. You may purchase any of the packages through our online store, but email Kirsten directly to schedule your session. 

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a session, contact Kirsten directly.  For appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours, a $50 cancellation fee will apply. 



Public transit is easiest if this is an option for you, as we are extremely accessible by all “L” trains. However, if you must drive, the area has many options for parking.

We have found these lots (below) to have reasonable rates, especially for entrance in the afternoon and evening Monday-Friday and on the weekends. Rates may vary, so it is recommended to go to their website or call for current information.

  • Dearborn Parking Lot: 412 S. Dearborn;  (312) 663-3951 (call--no website)

  • South Loop Self-Parking: 318 S. Federal; (312)-986-5813

Many studio clients often use Spothero.com or Parkwhiz.com to book spots at one of the many lots in the area at a lower rate. 

There is also Pay-to-Park street parking on Dearborn and other surrounding streets, although rates and availability of these spots vary. The rates on Dearborn South of Congress/Ida B. Wells are slightly lower than North of Congress/Ida B. Wells. 


Please email Kirsten directly if you have any additional questions. We are happy to offer a 10-minute free phone or in-person consultation if you are still deciding if yoga therapy is right for you.