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The art, science, tradition, philosophy and evolution of yoga over time continues to inspire me in new ways every day. I am honored and humbled to be a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. My mission is to educate and spread the wisdom and healing power of this practice.

My first yoga class was with Dr. Suhrit K. Dey, who previously worked for NASA and was a mathematics professor at Eastern Illinois University. I was currently working on my undergraduate degree. My best friend convinced me to go, and so I went, quite reluctantly. I was very intrigued by his quirky teaching methods and how he wove science and tradition together seamlessly. I loved it and started taking as many classes as I could, soaking up as much knowledge as I could. These glimpses of samadhi (bliss/ enlightenment) I experienced on my mat were so freeing, so connecting. Yoga wasn’t just helping me deal with stress, it was changing me. I was hungry to know how and why.

In 2006, I became a full-time school teacher. Right around the same time, I became certified to teach yoga and got a job teaching at a nearby gym. I continued to teach yoga part time with my full-time teaching job, and earned a master's degree in Special Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I taught at Easter Seals Therapeutic School and a JCFS Therapeutic School. These years were very tough--being a special education teacher was incredibly difficult for me emotionally. I was struggling with anxiety and depression, among other things. I did have my yoga practice, which was the only thing keeping me afloat at the time.  However, what it came down to was this: I just was not equipped with enough self-regulation skills at the time.

By 2012, I was burnt-out, beyond stressed, and I knew I needed to change my path. I quit my teaching job, which was a very difficult choice, but necessary. My gut, heart and intuition led me to quit my day job to pursue my true love, yoga--specifically, yoga therapy--as a full-time career (despite how completely irrational this choice may have seemed at the time). I never looked back...

I completed my 800-hour Yoga Therapy Certification through Integrative Yoga Therapy, which taught me how to examine health conditions through a yogic/holistic lens, while still considering the lens of our western health-care system. Yoga therapy, put most simply, is "yoga for a specific condition." As a yoga therapist, I am trained to collaborate with health-care professionals to support your health care goals using yoga poses, breathing and meditation practices. I can help you adopt gradual lifestyle changes or routines, as well as incorporate mindfulness practices into your life.

I have found my niches in yogic techniques to heal conditions of both the mind and the body. These are the issues that I specialize in:  

  • Anxiety: Panic attacks, Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  • Trauma/ managing PTSD symptoms

  • Chronic pain (especially neck, upper/ lower back, knee and foot pain)

  • Recovery from physical injury or acute pain

  • Support for pregnant women and postpartum women (for stress and pain relief, as well as for connection to baby)

  • General posture awareness and core strength

  • Insomnia

  • Work or life-related stress (and using mindfulness and functional yoga to manage this stress in healthy ways)

  • Depression; feeling “stuck in a rut,” general life discontentment, lack of joy, or low self-esteem

You can find me teaching drop-in group yoga/ meditation classes, as well as working 1:1 with clients here at Infinity. Some of my groups require pre-registration, such as the Overcome Anxiety Clinic and the Small Group Yoga for Pain. I am also currently a faculty member of the evidence-based Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy program through Sundara Yoga Therapy.

Through my own yoga journey, I have freed myself from: 1)  the cycle of crippling anxiety, panic attacks, followed by severe depression and self-hatred; 2) body dysmorphia, anorexia and exercise bulimia; and 3) a host of chronic pain issues such as plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and low back pain.


I’m still healing from a shoulder injury that occured in a bike accident in 2014. My yoga practice has given me tools, and patience. Healing can take time.

And now, being the mother of two girls, a business owner, and a yoga therapist....I am fully awake to the fact that yoga has supported me differently through each stage of my life so far--through each “mini-journey”  of healing. Yoga has been my most powerful tool for building outer and inner strength, positive body image, greater self-awareness, and a life of joy and contentment.

I encourage you to find your yoga, not mine. Your journey is unique. Yoga brings the  wisdom inside of you to the surface.

I do not claim to have the medical expertise of an M.D.,  nor do I have the ability to help you process emotions like a psychotherapist. I take the scope of my practice seriously, and I am humble enough to know that I do not have all the answers.  Rather, as a yoga therapist, I do have expertise on the connection between mind, body and spirit, and how yogic tools can help you heal on every level of your being...You have all the tools you need within--you are your own best teacher. There is an awe-inspiring depth and scope of wisdom within a yoga practice that cannot be fully explained by words--it must be experienced. You are inherently whole, and already healed.  I’d love to meet you, and be your yoga guide.

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Kirsten has been teaching yoga since 2006. She completed her advanced training to become a C-IAYT (Certified Yoga Therapist) through Integrative Yoga Therapy. She holds a bachelor's degree in physical education, a master’s degree in special education, and has a background in personal training.

Kirsten specializes in working with people who experience chronic pain, are healing from a physical injury, or are using yoga to manage anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms. She has much experience working with pregnant and postpartum women, athletes, and couples who wish to connect on a deeper level using yoga.

In classes and private sessions, she incorporates her knowledge of kinesiology, physiology, corrective exercise, and the merging of yogic wisdom with research-based practices.

In addition to being the founder/co-owner of Infinity Therapeutic Yoga, she is also a faculty member of a Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy Program through Sundara Yoga Therapy.  

She strives to create a safe and welcoming space where students can use yoga, breath and meditation to explore the magic of the mind-body connection.

Kirsten believes yoga can help everyone live more joyfully, with more contentment and purpose, and with much less pain and suffering.